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Newbies Guide to buying an Mitsubishi FTO

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I decided to produce a newbie buyers guide in the form of a question and answer section from all the e-mail's I have received asking about purchasing a Mitsubishi FTO over the past year. These are simply my opinions from owning a Mitsubishi FTO and I will not be held responsible for any decisions made based on the info on this page.

Q. Manual or Tiptronic gearbox?

A. Well firstly you need to think about where you will be driving and how you drive ?

  • Go for the "Tip" if you are stuck in a lot of traffic and enjoy the more laid back approach to driving.........

  • Go for the manual if you like driving your car fast and are more of a racing car driver at heart :-)

  • I went for the manual because after driving both I preferred the manual, I love it !

  • I suggest you drive both and see which takes your fancy most........

Q. Is it an expensive car (maintenance for example)?

A. Services can be a little expensive in comparison to a Ford, but not in comparison to a TVR or a Porsche (£200 average service) parts are about the same price as a Honda..... (sorry for the comparison).

Q. Is it a reliable car?

A. Very reliable, if you get yourself a good low mileage car....

Q. Which model FTO do I go for?

A. I went for the GPX, because I like the Mivec roar :-)
There are many things to consider, like insurance, parts, performance etc....

  • GS (1.8 litre non-mivec - cheap insurance and parts)
  • GR (2.0 V6 non-mivec - cheaper insurance and parts than the GPX with nearly the same performance)
  • GPX (2.0 litre V6 Mivec - Highest performance, all electrical goodies, styling and most expensive insurance and parts)
  • GPvR 2.0 litre V6 Mivec - Highest performance, most expensive insurance and stripped out racer style interior with very nice rear wing!)

Q. What fuel does the FTO run on?

A. I run my FTO on Shell Optimax because it is the highest RON fuel available in the UK, the FTO is designed to run on 100 RON fuel and Optimax is the closest we can get without adding octane boaster.

Q. What is the vital performance stats of an FTO?

A. GPX Model example below:

Model: FTO GPX
Transmission: 5MT, FWD
Engine: V6 2000cc MIVEC DOHC 24 VALVE
Power: 200BHP @ 7500rpm
Torque: 20.4kgm @ 6000rpm
0-60: 6.8s
Max Speed: 149mph

Q. Is it true that all FTO's are limited to 120mph when brought into the country?

A. Yes unfortunately they are, this can be simply removed with a delimiter chip.

Q. What is all the fuss about a fog light?

A. Make sure your FTO comes with a rear fog light conversion and that it is not a "bolt-on" jobbie or cut into the rear bumper. It is possible to convert one of the reversing lights or both the brake lights (as the FTO has two sets) into fog lights.

Q. What about underseal?

A. Make sure the your new FTO comes with under seal or make sure you are prepaid to pay for it to be done as it is essential!

Q. Is it difficult to find parts for the FTO?

A. It is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be! Look at my links page for a comprehensive list of wepages for help.

Q. What's the price tag on these cars?

A. M reg (GPX) approx.£8,000.

Q. What key things should I look for when looking at purchasing a FTO?

A. The Following:

  • Noisy Tappet's.

  • Central Locking problems.

  • Noisy rear suspension (Worn anti-roll bar bushes).

  • Rattling glass due to badly adjusted/worn window guides.

  • Poor brakes, standard discs prone to warp very easily.

  • Feeble battery, slow turnover, dimming lights on revving.

  • Faulty air conditioner, recommended to be operated weekly as it is self lubricating.

  • Badly done de-restriction on Tiptronics can cause 'unusual' behavior.

  • Non-MIVEC cars being passed off as MIVECs.


Q. What is car Insurance like on an Mitsubishi FTO?

A. Personally I think car insurance is too high on the FTO, have a look at myfto insurance links. As the car is an import a lot of insurance companies will not touch you until you are at least 21 and sometimes 25 years of age. Make sure you get a insurance quote you can afford before purchasing an FTO!

Q. Do I need a tracker to insure an FTO?

A. In my case I did with Tesco's insurance, does depend from compamy-to-company though.

Q. Where can I get a tracker?

A. Here

Q. Is the FTO really that sweet as you claim it to be?

A. Yes, yes and yes !


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