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Fto mini meets - Big W November 27th 2004

We arranged to meet at the big W car park at 1pm. Dansolo, myself , simply steve and Smoking master where a little late :) When we finally arrived at the arranged meeting point it was obvious that the meet was just too busy, we decided to go for a cruise through the city centre, which proved to be quite entertaining as we watched many people standing in amazement as not 1 or 2 or even 3 amazingly clean fto's drove by, but 8 fto's! We drove up the main St Stephens high street to everyone's amazement at the sound of the de-cat N1 echoing off the shop walls. Someone described the sound has "horny", not mentioning any names. We preceded onto the 2nd arranged meeting point which was the "Clock Tower" pub / restaurant at Bowthorpe which has a very accommodating car park. After much fto banter and swapping of stories we went inside for some food, beerand much more fto talk. After a few 16oz burgers were consumed we went for a cruise down the Watton road.I think I am safe to say a good time was has by all, and is the just the start of more Norwich fto meets!
Below are some pictures from the mini meet on November 27th 2004.

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